Tree Removal

Sometimes there’s no other solution than tree removal: interfering with buildings, safety issues, subsidence and development of land can all be valid reasons. We provide a wide range of services for your trees.
Glasgow Tree Surgeon

Small trees through to large and real problematic trees in difficult places. 

This can include trees that are growing into other trees, interfering with buildings or hanging over other buildings. Often jobs are not just taking the tree into consideration, but looking at how to best tackle the problem in the trees circumstances. Almost all removal operations will involve complex rigging to dismantle the tree using pulleys and friction devices, piece by piece. This requires a high level of skill and a good grasp of physics and geometry.

Overgrown Trees

Overgrown Trees can be a liability and sometimes they outgrow the environment they are rooted in. We provide a wide range of services for your trees such as crown lifting, reduction or thinning.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting raises the crown creating a bigger gap between top branches and bottom so there is room for cars etc. The height of a tree sometimes needs to be reduced by pruning the upper part of the crown and in much the same way, the space between the lower branches and ground level sometimes needs to be increased. After the lowest branches have been removed, the crown should still comprise approximately two thirds of the tree’s overall height. That’s one reason why this procedure should only be carried out by experienced professionals, such as the team here at Campbell Tree Services.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a perfect way to control the growth of your tree when it is too big for your area. This procedure used to lessen the height of a tree by pruning the tips of branches within the crown down to a lower growing point. Crown reduction is often a more stressful procedure for a tree than crown thinning, as the pruning is generally more extensive and more uniform.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning reduces the weight of limbs that could weaken the tree allowing more light to pass through the tree. This is a precise and skilled procedure, requiring the systematic removal of just the right amount of material from the tree to produce the desired effect.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

A Tree Preservation Order, or TPO, is usually made by a local planning authority (often the local council) to protect a specific tree or woodland from deliberate damage and destruction. We can guide you through the process to submit your application to the council with a consultation period attached.
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Stephen Anderson

Delighted we used Campbell Tree Services, they are first class. Requested four large trees be reduced to open up light into the garden and was advised that removing three, keeping one and shaping a large silver birch would be the better option. So glad we took his advice and still have a beautiful silver birch. These guys are proper tree surgeons. Highly recommend.

keith mclellan

Trims about 30 of our 25ft pines etc. annually. No fuss in and out in no time using all the safety equipment required. All chipped and taken away. Also logs the cuttings from our other trees and either leaves them for us or takes them away. A1 service as always.


Jane Blundell

I would highly recommend Campbell Tree Services. They pruned a neglected Cherry tree back into a beautiful shape and cut back some overgrown shrubs to create more light. Thank you for a professional, friendly and tidy job.


Nicola Connelly

Outstanding service from start to finish! Careful and considerate in their work and we are delighted with the result. Would highly recommend.


Wendy Hodge

Overgrown conifer tree removed from back garden today by Mikey from Campbell Tree Services. Great service at a competitive price. Would recommend if you are looking for any tree work to be done.

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